May 2017

In 2011, Museums & Social Issues dedicated an entire issue to prisons and individuals who were incarcerated. This issue of Museums & Social Issues revisits the contemporary issues of mass incarceration and the role that museums and public history play in working alongside and with different communities to promote greater public awareness. All authors featured in this issue participated in the 2015 project with the Humanities Action Lab to create the States of Incarceration traveling exhibition. This exhibition was a coalition of 20 universities who focused on the past, present, and future of incarceration. The authors in this issue reflect on their experiences in creating the States of Incarceration exhibition and examine how their experience relates to the wider work of museum professionals.

Winter 2017

This issue of Diversity & Democracy illustrates the potential of the humanities to illuminate issues of identity and belonging.  "The Humanities Action Lab: Mobilizing Civic Engagement through Mass Memory Projects" explores new possibilities for the role university-based humanities projects—and specifically, public memory projects—can play in fostering civic engagement around urgent but contested issues. The Humanities Action Lab (HAL) faculty and students work with local issue organizations in public spaces to create national public memory projects around contested social issues, taking on one focal issue for each three-year project. Through these shared projects, the collective explores and evaluates the power of public humanities for public engagement.

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