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Courses & Internships at Rutgers-Newark

FALL 2022

American Studies: 21:050:520:01

Mutual Aid Storytelling and Sharing: A Translocal Learning Space
Core Topics in American Studies

Prof. Leora Fuller
Thursdays 2:30-5:20pm
Course Number: 21:050:520:01

Learn about mutual aid! Connect with local NJ organizers! Make creative storytelling projects!

In this nontraditional learning space organized by the Humanities Action Lab, we will explore radically different ways of moving through our lives based upon the experiences of mutual aid practitioners, environmental justice organizers, and Indigenous people. Students will develop their story telling and gathering skills, work directly with mutual aid organizers in Newark and in communities across the country, and make creative shareable resources that will support ongoing mutual aid efforts in these places. Together we’ll tell stories about ourselves and the people we’re connected to; building affinity and organizing towards material change in our lives.

American Studies 26:050:619:02
(Internship: Humanities Action Lab & Newark Water Coalition)

Earn course credit and develop skills in mutual aid organizing, community-based storytelling, and digital media production through this semester-long internship hosted by the Humanities Action Lab at Rutgers-Newark and Newark Water Coalition, a local advocacy organization. Interns will work on Newark Community Voices, a joint project of the Humanities Action Lab and Newark Water Coalition that creates digital media focused on public health and environmental justice issues in the city’s “frontline” communities (those hit hardest by environmental injustice and COVID-19).

Through workshop-style training sessions and on-the-ground practice with a professional videographer and veteran organizers, interns will gain tangible experience:

  • Distributing vital resources to local residents through Newark Water Coalition’s mutual aid network.
    Conducting public outreach and developing organizing relationships with frontline communities.

  • Collaborating with local residents to identify and collect stories about the environmental challenges, material needs, and public policy priorities of Newark’s frontline communities.

  • Create a short documentary trailer about the above issues for audiences in frontline communities and granting agencies in collaboration with community members.

No experience with organizing or digital media production is necessary! Open to undergraduates and graduate students from all disciplines!


Questions? Write to Anthony Diaz, Director, Newark Water Coalition (


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