SOI in Indianapolis, IN
SOI in Indianapolis, IN

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SOI in Newark, NJ
SOI in Newark, NJ

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SOI in New York, NY
SOI in New York, NY

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SOI in Indianapolis, IN
SOI in Indianapolis, IN

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States of Incarceration focuses on the past, present, and future of incarceration, exploring the explosion of prisons and incarcerated people in the US — including immigration detention centers — and its global dimensions. States of Incarceration brings together a national community of over 800 people in 18 states who together created a traveling exhibit, web platform, and series of public dialogues. Teams of students and people directly affected by incarceration in these cities each explore a history of incarceration in their own community.
To learn more about partnership opportunities, explore our resources below.
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Local partners:​

  • Teach a course on the history of incarceration nationally/globally as well as in your local community, using
    SOI teaching resources.

  • Lead students to collaborate with others directly impacted by incarceration outside the college/university to
    curate a new “chapter” of SOI about a history of incarceration in your state/community, using SOI design
    template and workplan, for inclusion in physical and digital SOI exhibit.

  • Host exhibit at a local venue.

  • Host public dialogues around exhibit.

  • Pay digital and physical exhibit design/fabrication fee.

Partners or their local venues should be prepared to assume costs of local hosting, including community partnerships, public programs, and exhibit installation costs.


HAL provides:​

  • Teaching resources on both subject and methodology, including readings and other media on incarceration histories, speakers bureau, and guidelines and models for community collaboration/co-curation and dialogue facilitation.

  • Week-by-week curation work plan, providing guidelines for how to work with your team to produce a “chapter”
    within a one or two semester sequence.

  • Design guidelines and options for media and formats for both physical and digital exhibits.

  • Design files and material specifications and instructions for production of additional local exhibits.

  • Digital and physical exhibit design and production.

  • Exhibit shipped and insured.

  • Public program designs.

  • Communications package and support for publicizing local events.

  • Web platform for student reflections on States of Incarceration blog.

  • Convenings with other national partners, with opportunities for students, faculty, and community partners to exchange work and experiences.